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Through Lance’s developmental process starting from childhood to the present time, he has had to overcome many obstacles and tribulations. Although Lance has been working with his Higher Self since childhood, he became more aware of it on the day of his 33rd birthday when two angels came to him in a dream. One angel asked him: “Are you ready to learn?” He replied: “Yes.”

So, he decided from that day forward to ask all types of questions about his feelings and interactions with his self and others. He received a lot of this information through dreams and outward reflections. At the present time, Lance shares he is free from the bondage's of his past and is delighted to share the techniques that helped him through his healing process. He offers an array of inspiration through his collective years of experience in: shamanic ceremonies, intuitive counseling, reiki, house clearing, chakra adjustments  and dream interpretations.


Lance is the type of individual you would go to if you have questions on how to free your life from past childhood traumas, addictive thought processes, manifesting your abundance, dream interpretations, energetic adjustments to raise your consciousness, increase your psychic abilities, hear your angels more clearly, remember your dreams better, chakra adjustments and to make adjustments to awaken healing energies to facilitate healing for yourself and for others. 

Although Lance was born with his inherent shamanic abilities, he began his early adult life making jewelry starting in 1989 and began his formal studies at the University of Southern California-Isomata in Idyllwild California. Under the guidance and mentorship of world-renowned Master Artisan Jeweler, Michael Kobotie, he learned the fine art and ancient tradition of Hopi overlay and developed his craft to include exquisite one of a kind high-end custom jewelry. 


Through the years while Lance was in the jewelry business he was constantly prompted in his dreams to stop making jewelry and only focus on shamanism. So, after having constant dreams of ten inch round ropes coming out of the heavens into his hands, he decided to take a leap of faith and live his life's purpose. 

If you are interested in having an appointment with Lance. He recommends that you contact him and schedule an appointment as soon as possible to help expedite your time. 

  Lance Heard

Shaman, Mystic, Healer and Intuitive Counselor.

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