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In his book, Shaman Lance Heard shares his wisdom and metaphysical knowledge of creating a life filled with joy, prosperity, good health, love and compassion. Through his practical exercises and simple meditations, he guides the reader with down-to-Earth information that enables easy access to their own inner guidance.

If you’re having a hard time with inner spiritual growth and looking for insight on how to navigate the rough spots in life, then this is the book for you.

Through our choices and creations, we do indeed, create our reality. Life is a creative adventure when we take the initiative and responsibility to develop our spirituality and soul growth by learning the following:

  • acquiring and cultivating Self-Love,

  • using triggers and addictions as tools for mastery over their influences,

  • integrating childhood trauma in a nurturing and gentle manner,

  • understanding the Oneness in everyday life,

  • creating new word patterns to manifest awesome outcomes,

  • releasing past-life issues and concerns for lasting healing,

  • co-creating abundant prosperity with crystals & stones,

  • releasing the bondage of judgment,

  • learning what happens when we die and the consequences of suicide for our soul,

  • making contact with our star-born ancestors (ETs),

  • and much more.


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