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Because of their seemly whimsical nature, Dreams are often written off as having no meaning. That is because dreams are meant to be interpreted through their symbolism and not meant to be taken in our common form of communication meaning literally.


We can also have what I call "A visitation dream." 

Visitation dreams are very literal and often come at very troubled times in our lives to provide a warning of some kind. When you have a visitation dream, it will feel like you’re literally talking to a loved one and there will be no doubt in you’re experience of its authenticity.


The most common reason for having dreams is to provide insight into matters pertaining to growth in forms such as: giving advanced notice of a release, what we are releasing, what new discoveries we have made after the release, how to take the next step leading to happiness, receive more love, ect.  


If you have had a dream that’s been on your mind and you can’t seem to let it go, that is a sing from the universe letting you know how important that dream is for you to understand it. So, if you need help in the interpretation of your dream, please don’t hesitate to contact me to set up an appointment through this website.


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