healing with sound

Come join us in healing with sound! 

Our "free" sound healing sessions are held on Tuesdays usually on the third week of a month starting at 6:30 pm. and ending at 8:00 pm. 
Please join our mailing list so we I can send you a flyer for “further events.” 
Sound along with intention is a very powerful way of healing. With sound, the vibrations of a person can be altered or expanded to allow healing energies to be easily transmitted to you by spirit. It is also
"excellent for releasing stress and anxiety."  I will be sharing insight and guided instructions prior to using toning bowls and toning through mouth.  
So, if you've been feeling tired or just been feeling down, this will help lift your spirit and help you feel better. We have chairs and a few extra mats depending on if you want to lay or sit down. But please don't hesitate to bring your yoga mats and water bottles.  
This venue is facilitated in a house designated specifically for healing purposes. I ask that you please get there fifteen minutes earlier, so we don't disturb others when in session. When you get there please walk through the front door of the house. "Not the side door." If for some reason you do get there late, please open front door quietly to avoid disturbing others and find your place to sit or lay down.


Space is limited so please let me know with time through my website, e-mail, text or click “I can’t make it” if you agreed be there and for some reason you can’t make it.  
Much Love and Many Blessings!  
Looking forward to seeing you there! :-)