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Clearing negative energies in your home or commercial property can be extremely beneficial for the well-being of you and the persons living in your home or at the work environment. Negative energies left behind from the past by others can influence the dynamics of the family and work environment by creating frequent conflicts and unsettled feelings.


In the case of employees, the negative affect of old stuck energy can transfer into your product and decrease sales because potential customers are influenced by the energy transferred into your product from your employees.    


The most common time to have a house, business or an apartment cleared is after somebody has passed, selling a house, buying a new house, moving into an apartment or experiencing reoccurring negative situations that have a noticeable large scale impact in the work environment or family members.

After a house or a business clearing has been performed people report that the property/environment feels calm, peaceful and lighter.


The price listed for clearing a property is good for up to 3,000 square feet. Each additional square foot over is 10 cents per square foot.


For additional square feet pricing, please contact me for quote through this website.



House Clearing "With Sage"


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