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Lance Heard: Shaman, Mystic, Healer.

Updated: May 2, 2020

Hello my dear friends!

Everything in life has some form of a trinity in it. Once I started viewing everything in my life as such and started to trace the different facets of a thought or a feeling trying to discover the trinity within them, things started to make more sense for me.

For me, fears trinity is, doubt, anger and depression. It affects the mind, body and spirit. The mind is affected by being consumed on erroneous belief systems that creates imbalances.

The spirit is affected with sadness, doubt and procrastination. The physical manifestation of fear could be cancer, stress or other body symptoms. The best way I have found to eliminate fear is to love it to death, let go of the past and ask for help.

Sometimes when we live inside of a hornet’s nest, we may need help from somebody from outside of the nest who can grab us by the hand and say, “ look overhear at this little hole on the side. Look through it. Can you see the beautiful flowers, trees and waterfalls out there?”

Much love and many blessings to all….


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