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Lance Heard: Shaman, Mystic, Healer.

Updated: May 2, 2020

Hello my dear friends!

Because of the oneness and our interconnectedness many of us may be feeling sudden waves of fear, stress and panic in these times. In fact these feelings may come in as random waves at times when we may be doing mondain things such as brushing our teeth or just sitting in a chair relaxing and thinking about what we are going to have for lunch and then all of a sudden, “wam,” this sudden burst of fear and random thoughts comes rushing in.

Think about this. If millions of people have extreme fear, anxiety, self-sabotaging thoughts or doubt all at the same time. The feelings begin to look like a large flock of birds flying in unison, creating shifting patterns in the sky. This unison is a large form of energy that has no boundaries as it comes flowing in waves touching each and every one of us playing us like a well-tuned violin. If we catch these feelings spreading inside of us and it becomes difficult to hold them at bay.

I like to use this technique.

I start off by taking long deep breaths in and out. Then I will either sit in a chair, lie in a bead or even while doing mundane things , I keep breathing deeply, in and out. This deep breathing starts the proses to calm the self-down. Then in what some would call the mind’s eye and others would call it imagination. I visualize a twin me is standing in front of me. When I use my twin, me I call that using my omnipresence.

Then, I see the twin me with his hands extended straight out in front of it, palms facing out. Then, I imagine all the negative feelings coming together as a big ball of energy, hovering in front of the twin me. At this point, I have become the observer watching the twin me with his hands extended out, pointed at the large ball of fear/energy in front of it. Then, while still being the observer and breathing deeply.

I see a beam of violet light coming down from out of the sky going through the crown chakra of the twin me, meaning the top of the head, and then, I see the light being drawn down into the heart and then coming out of the palms of the twin me to a continuous flow of violet light energy. See this light hitting the ball of fear-energy and completely encompassing it.

I keep witnessing how the energy transfer take place until I see the ball of fear-energy shrink and disappear. Once the ball of fear-energy has completely disappeared, that is how I know when I am done. If we chose to practice this technique often enough, we will eventually heal the fear inside ourselves and in the world.

Much love and many blessings to all…

Lance Heard

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