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Lance Heard: Shaman, Mystic, Healer.

Updated: May 2, 2020

Exactly one week before the Coronavirus, I was talking with my neighbor and expressing my reality to him, on how I thought we, as a collective consciousness, are making a big mistake. He then asked, “What do you mean?” I said, “Well, what mass consciousness doesn’t realize yet, is that Mother Earth is not an inanimate object, or separate from us.

She is in fact, a living being. We haven’t learned yet to see how the effect of poisoning Mother Earth in order to extract her resources for consumption is affecting her, us, the water, the plants, all living beings and the elements on earth.” For example, we have been told that we have a shortage of water. When actually we have the same amount of water that has been here since the beginning of time. Maybe a better description of our water shortage is we are running out of safe usable water. For over one hundred years we have been polluting the sky. When it rains, the droplets fall, catching the pollutants cleaning the sky, falling to earth and then it is absorbed by Mother Earth. What if she has absorbed too much and has gotten sick?

Also, I believe that Mother Earth’s bugs, plants, animals and humans are her immune system. One example is, some bugs live for a large percentage of their lives underwater as a nymph, then transform into something completely different. As they are going through the nymph process, they can take on certain aspects of Mother Earth’s virus that is best suitable for them, because of their unique molecular structure.

“Think of all the way’s Mother Earth could use her immune system.”

Example: A plant emerges from the ground with a component of Mother Earth’s virus, then an animal eats it. We eat the animal, passing her virus on in a specialized way, in order to assist Mother Earth to completely eradicate her symptoms.Eventually, all facets of Mother Earth’s inhabitants will be infected working like a team, acting as the immune system for Mother Earth. And then I said to him, “So, don’t be surprised if a bug or an animal brings us to our awakening.

And a week later, the virus was here, coming from bats in China, and one of the most polluted areas on the planet, all for the sake of consumption. My friend replied, “WOW!" Remember my dear friends, we are here to dissolve the illusion of separateness. The clouds and rain are Mother Earth’s kidneys, the trees are her lungs, the streams are her blood, the ocean is her heart and her inhabitants are her immune system. Let’s do our part to take extreme care of Mother Earth, and she will in turn take extreme care of us. There is only one; we are all One. That means, that in which we have done to Mother Earth, we have done unto ourselves.

Much love and many blessings to all…Sincerely:

Lance Heard

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