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 "Past life regressionist"



Barbara is a specialist in an extremely effective form of past life regression. QHHT: A technique that involves guided hypnosis in order to connect to the Higher Self to find old stuck patterns from past lives and release them. This is highly recommended for those who want to find and release those secret reasons why a person may have fear in moving forward to fulfill their life purpose.  “Click on photo to set up an appointment.”

      "Trance medium"

There are a handful of trance mediums in the world that I would consider to be pure in their abilities. I feel Summer Bacon is the best. Summer lives in Sedona, AZ and offers a variety of enlightening sessions in private and group settings. Summer, along with spirit, channels Dr. Peebles and offers a gentle and loving way of presenting different perspectives to help you discover and dissolve the illusions of separateness. If you would like to learn more about how a trance medium session can be of service to you, contact Summer Bacon. “Click on her photo.”

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