Intuitive counseling sessions are given in privet or over the phone. This service is intended for individuals who have just awakened, have been awakened or are looking for answers to help eliminate old patterns and  want to learn techniques pertaining to spiritual growth. 







Reiki utilizes channeled healing energies to help with mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Reported by many to leave a person feeling very calm and relaxed after a session.












In this service, we give trapped children from our traumatic childhood past a loving, trusting and an acceptable/a safe place to live. The reason why I would recommend this service is so that trapped children from our childhood past will no longer be a trigger point and have a negative/unhealthy strong hold in our interactions with ourselves/self and others.




Helps to open, shutdown or slow spinning Chakras and brings them into balance. After having a Chakra adjustment, many people have reported having a flood of new insights and an ease in letting go old issues from the past and much more.     









A dwelling is not an inanimate object. Just like humans, a building can have issues and needs to go to a healer to feel better. This is what is provided when a clearing is performed.


"The price listed for clearing a property is good for up to 3,000 square feet. Each additional square foot over is 10 cents per square foot."


  For additional square feet pricing please contact me for quote through this website.

   Thank You.       





Outdoor Ceremonies for Individuals and Groups upon request.


Facilitated in a sacred outdoor environment for manifesting Ceremonies, energetic activations and classes in Shamanic techniques. 



$200.00 per person.



Dreams have a profound way of expressing secrets hidden deep within our subconscious revealed through their symbolism and can be used as a tool to give us insightful guidance  to self-awareness.





$20.00 per dream.

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At this time, I am offering my services through Skype, phone calls and long-distance healing, in order to do what is required to facilitate a safe environment for all and help release some of the stress and worries that have come up at this time.