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I am dedicated in assisting the many rather than the few towards love and self-discovery of their inherent, inner hidden talents, by providing guided insight through shamanism and by sharing the tools that could bring his or hers hidden talents to the surface. So, he or she can express the self with no shame, guilt or self-inner judgment. I realized many years ago that we consist of many energetic levels, all interacting simultaneously combined as the one. In order to heal ourselves, we must learn how to heal on all levels of our consciousness such as, frequency, vibration and energetically.

This is the only way our healing will truly take hold and will be healed. At the moment we heal ourselves on all levels of our consciousness, the light bulb goes on and when this happens this is what I call "the born-again moment." This is the moment when we start off as a new child from the new discovered reality that was always there, but couldn't be seen because it was hidden behind the illusions coming from the past.

Sometimes in a session with me, I may recommend a specialist in a different healing modality such as, past life regression and trance channeling. These forms of healing can be very beneficial.

The main intention of our services derive from love and oneness as the main focus behind our intent of guidance and are intended to help dissolve the illusion of separation.

Privacy policy

Lances Shamanic services is committed to ensuring the privacy of its website visitors. We will not sell your e-mail address to or share it with any other organization.


We know your privacy is important to you. We comply with guidelines set by various privacy organizations so that we can offer peace of mind to all visitors of our website.

  • If you give your postal address online, you may receive periodic mailings from Healing Light Creations with information about new products and services. 

  • If you supply us with your telephone number, we may contact you with questions or follow-up information about services you have placed online.

If you do not want to receive mailings, phone calls or e-mail from us in the future, please just let us know. Call us at 602-628-1536 Or contact us through this sight. 


If you have further questions regarding this privacy statement, just contact us by phone or e-mail. We want you to be rest assured that your information is always safe with us. Thanks!


Our postal address is:

Lance Heard
5115 N. Dysart Rd Suite 202-288
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

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